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Our Belief

We started chea seed driven by a fundamental belief: expert career help should be ultra-affordable, not just for the select few–for everyone.

9 of 10

people in the US earn under $120K


equals the number of hours worked in a typical lifetime

9 of 10

people don't find the performance review process valuable

Everyone means everyone

Our Method

By combining the power of Generative AI, a rich knowledge base, and personalized interaction, chea seed offers actionable, tailored advice that makes career progression not just affordable, but practical and effective for everyone.







Meetings you attend


AI Prompts You Use


Notes you take


Practical for everyone

Effective for everyone

7 of 10

employees don't trust their

HR leader cares about their needs

1 of 10

employees feel their HR

leader would advocate for them

5 of 10

employees don't feel safe

confiding or getting help from the HR leader

6 of 10 

HR professionals feel their

departments are understaffed

Our Team

The creators of chea seed are a lawyer, an engineer, and a teacher. We are inspired by the career of our founder’s mother, an Argentine immigrant who navigated career biases.

Giselle Galper | Chea Seed | Creater

Giselle Galper

Former General Counsel, the Coppola Companies, Stanford Law School

Adam Galper | Chea Seed | Creater

Adam Galper

4X Founder/CTO, 3 exits, Yale, Stanford

Nicole Johnson | Chea Seed | Creater

Nicole Johnson

Teach for America alumna and former teacher, University of Oregon

Our Focus

We're committed to leveling the career playing field, ensuring that career advancement is not limited by background, financial ability, or time constraints.

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