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The personalized career app for people who hate performance reviews, chea seed gives you everything you need to save time, boost your outcomes, get support from your inner circle, and navigate review and identity bias.


  • Make scrambling to put together your self-assessment or review support ancient history with our easy reminders, entries, dashboards, review check-ins, and curation tools. You’ll have a career record that’s priceless for your next review, interviews, your resume, and more.

  • Put feeling frustrated with your review outcomes behind with our small-effort approach: tap-thru personalized tracking, learning, and recommendations put you in charge.

  • Stop wasting time binging community chats and anonymous boards and get meaningful support from people who actually know and care about you. Share your curated entries to get feedback and make better choices. Create or join challenges to gain accountability with your friends.

  • Don’t count on your company or manager to scrub away all the bias. Navigate through and around identity and communication bias with expert smarts and specific language and actions to avoid bias traps.


Of course, you can get career help from a live coach, boot camp, or class, but these solutions are usually expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient. Chea seed delivers a new 100% digital solution that’s quick, easy, 24/7, and free to try. At $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, the cost of one year of chea seed = about 6 minutes of an average coach.


We call our solution chea seed because, like the tiny, energizing chia seed, our app energizes, empowers, and engages careers with small efforts.

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Giselle Galper

Founder & CEO

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Program Manager

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