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About chea seed

Download chea seed to improve your performance review and career results. Earn more, advance faster, save 1 hour+ every day, and build your career path. 


Almost everyone needs expert career help, but most people don’t have the time. Chea seed

  • Breaks expert research into small doable efforts, 1 to 2 minutes each.

  • Recommends 10 minutes each week for your first 12 weeks for the best results. 

  • Keeps you on track with easy-to-follow reminders. 

  • Requires NO live coaches, webinars, or meetings.

Almost everyone needs expert career help, but most people don’t have the money.


  • Try FREE.

  • Earn free use by using the app and inviting friends. 

  • Redeem xp or buy seeds (our currency). 

  • Spend about the cost of a cocktail or 6 minutes of a career coach for 1 year of use.

  • Requires NO subscription.

We’re so confident that chea seed will help that we offer you this guarantee. Complete all levels by the end of week 12 and add 1 entry per week. If you don’t earn $1,250/year more than you expect after two years, we’ll give you two years worth of seeds free. Free use does not include future premium services.

Our name chea seed is a play on the acronym C.H.E.A. for career helping expert app and the superfood chia seed.

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Meet the Team

Welcome. We're working to make career help accessible. If you'd like to get to know us better, please reach out.

Giselle Galper

Founder & CEO

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Adam Galper


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Nicole Johnson

Program Manager

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