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About chea seed

At chea seed, we are driven by a fundamental belief: expert career help should be accessible to everyone, not just the select few. We're committed to leveling the playing field, ensuring that career advancement is not limited by background, financial ability, or time constraints.

We redefine career coaching as 'performance coaching' because our focus extends beyond job search support to encompass all aspects of professional life. From key moments like performance reviews to daily workplace challenges, chea seed is about empowering professionals on the job, helping them excel in their current roles and thoughtfully plan their next steps.

Our mission is to unlock the potential in every professional. We aim to dismantle the barriers that give an unfair advantage to those with innate career navigation skills, making expert career help a standard offering, not a luxury.

By combining AI-power, a rich knowledge base, and personalized interaction, chea seed offers actionable, tailored advice that makes career progression not just accessible, but practical and effective.

The inspiration for chea seed comes from our founder, Giselle Galper. As the daughter of an Argentine immigrant who navigated significant career biases, Giselle is daily motivated by her mother's words: "I wonder what I could have done if I had something like this." This drives our commitment to ensure every individual has the support and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Drawing from Giselle's 17 years as a tax lawyer and general counsel, chea seed embodies a proactive approach, especially in talent management, benefiting both employees and employers.

Designed for ambitious professionals, employers, and groups, chea seed is more than just a coaching app; it's a comprehensive tool that offers: Gamified Growth Journeys, Tailored Learning Experiences, Simplified Self-Assessments, and Premium Coaching.

We aim to keep chea seed incredibly affordable, at about the cost of a cup of coffee per session. Our goal is to ensure that expert career help is within reach for everyone, whether navigating performance reviews, daily challenges, or key advancement opportunities.

Experience the chea seed difference: Try it for free now, available on iOS, Google App, and soon on the web. Join us in our journey to unlock career success for everyone.

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Welcome. We're working to make career help accessible. If you'd like to get to know us better, please reach out.

Giselle Galper

Founder & CEO

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Adam Galper


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Nicole Johnson

Program Manager

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