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Your roadmap to career success

1 sessions, any coach


5 sessions, same coach


3 sessions, 1 each coach


Not happy? A human coach will step in.
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Most people spend hours on their performance review prep and feel the time was wasted. Now you can save hours and turn a dreaded obligation into an opportunity.

Get fresh ideas for goals, training, improvement steps, and your
brand. Develop a convincing and confident highlight reel. Perfect for performance review prep and follow-up.

Start and stop on your schedule. 30 min max.

Hassle-free. Private. Personalized. $200 value. 

Bonus: Get  the $1 welcome offer

Still not sure? Take the quiz to find the right coach for you.

"I loved how the coach provided me with the personalized solutions to my problem. I wish I had utilized this resource during my initial struggles in the corporate sector."
"I enjoyed using [the coach] and found the suggestions for my problem helpful and doable...The tool is great."
"chea seed gave me new ideas for roles and steps to get there beyond what I got in my career office. Plus, it gave me specific ideas for what to say in interviews and how to position myself in a more positive way."

For every career moment

Before the job. On the job. For the next job. In between jobs.


Build My Career Plan


Create My Action Plan


Craft My Self-Assessment

  • chea seed is a pioneering online platform dedicated to transforming professional lives through personalized career coaching. With a swift 3-minute start and no initial payment, chea seed connects individuals with their ideal career coach, offering smart, actionable advice tailored to each person's unique career challenges and goals.

    Through a streamlined process, users engage with their coaches by simply answering questions, rating suggestions, and refining goals. This dynamic interaction ensures that every piece of advice is directly applicable, helping users overcome obstacles and seize opportunities with confidence.

    chea seed stands out by making premium career coaching accessible to all. For as low as $5.99, users can access services valued at $200, underpinned by a satisfaction guarantee. Whether aiming for immediate improvements or long-term career changes, chea seed offers a flexible, affordable path to career advancement, ensuring personalized support every step of the way.

    • If you're unsure of which coach to choose: Begin with our quick, free, 3-minute Coach Match. You don't need to know exactly what you need; just start the Coach Match, and we'll guide you through a few simple questions. This helps us understand your situation and match you with the ideal Smart Career Coach tailored to your career goals.

    • If you already know which coach you want: Simply tap on the coach you prefer and go. We'll immediately start where you last left off. No immediate payment is required.

  • After selecting your coach, here’s how we tailor the process to fit you perfectly:

    • Answer and Engage: Just start by answering a few questions about your career goals and challenges. This helps us tailor the coaching to precisely what you need, ensuring we're focusing on the right areas to help you thrive.

    • Save Your Progress: You can save your progress at any time. This means you can take a break and pick up exactly where you left off, ensuring a seamless experience.

    • Transparent Payment: Before wrapping up, we'll guide you through the payment process. If you're part of a group, we automatically show you the group payment options. Our goal is to keep everything clear and straightforward, making sure you know exactly what you're getting.

  • Our smart career coaches offer personalized support for every career challenge and opportunity, big and small.

    Build Your Career Plan: Craft a personalized roadmap for success, detailing actionable steps and creating a strategic 5-year plan tailored for any career stage, complemented by an in-depth evaluation to pinpoint your strengths and opportunities. Specifically designed to provide clarity and direction for your career.


    Create Your Action Plan: Navigate from facing challenges to achieving success with comprehensive, step-by-step guidance. Get scripts for difficult conversations, strategies for goal attainment, and techniques for personal branding, ensuring you're well-prepared to meet your challenges and surpass your goals.

    Craft Your Self-Assessment: Elevate your performance reviews and career by showcasing your accomplishments. With our tailored approach, you'll receive expert guidance to identify your strengths, set achievable goals, and develop strategies for improvement. You'll be ready to tackle challenges and embrace opportunities for real, tangible progress.

  • Our mission is to make expert career help quick, easy, and low-cost. We believe expert career should not be the privilege of a chosen few. We aim to change that.

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