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Give the gift of success.

Only 17% of college grads say their career office was helpful. Make your grad's degree count with personalized career plans, advice, and performance review support. The perfect gift for their future success. 

Grad Gift

$99.90 $49.90 thru 6/30

10 sessions for job search and on-the-job support. $9.90 $4.99 each.

Starter Gift


3 sessions, 1 of each. $13.32 each.

"helped me prepare for my manager meeting with  ideas for training and next steps...felt very prepared for my quarterly check-in."
- 7 years experience, feeling stuck

"I wish I'd had chea seed earlier. The steps helped me get through performance blockers. Things are much better now. I'm not worried about getting fired."
- post-MBA 1 year, advice plan user

"My boss literally copied and pasted from my self-assessment into my review. It was like I wrote my review myself! Did it in less time than ever before too."
- administrator, 6 years experience

Success Stories

2024 is looking like a tough year for grads

I get this. I graduated University of Illinois in 1987, and soon after came Black Monday. I was lucky enough to keep my job, but so many friends lost theirs. The goods news. Every person I know who lost their job floundered for a bit, but in time they (not those of use who kept ours) had the more interesting careers. Today's job market for grads is tough, but with the right support, your grad can do more than just get a job, they can start a career.

Sure, there will be challenges. "Over 50% percent of college grads are underemployed a year after graduation, meaning they are working in jobs that don’t require the degrees they earned." New York Times April 29, 2024. And, historically, 55% of college  grads leave their first job in the first year. 

I founded chea seed to help women navigate bias, but I quickly learned that everyone faces career blockers and that career help was just too expensive. At chea seed, your grad will create career plans, get advice, and write their self-assessments at review time. If you're not sure about it, ask them to try their first plan free. I'm confident that they will find it time well spent or as a recent college senior said, they will get "better ideas and insights than I got from my career office."

- Giselle Galper, founder chea seed, mom of 2 college students and 1 grad (and 1 doggo)

Chea seed | Career advancement coaching

How It Works

Our mission is to level the career playing field for everyone. We've done the hard work for you and built AI-powered guided coaching sessions based on expert research, experience, and methods.

Select a Path

Take 3 min quiz to find the right path for you.

Answer Questions

Tap and type. Respond as the questions personalize to you.

Get Personalized Guidance

Discover new ideas, insights, with a step-by-step action plan tailored for you.

Give Them Direction

Taking the first career steps is hard – give your grad new ideas for roles and steps to get there, plus a 5-year roadmap to success.

Help Them Advance

Everyone has imposter syndrome –. give your grad personalized action plans with the words and how-to instructions to career with confidence.

Boost Their Results

Over 50% of people quit after their first performance review –. give your grad a toolkit to standout and be resilient.

Boost Their Career

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