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More about chea seed

What do you mean by AI-powered performance?

Our AI-powered performance coach, chea seed, is just like a super-smart, highly-informed human coach, but faster and better, without any time-consuming hard-to-schedule meetings or any of the hard work or crazy responses from AI prompts. 


How does that work?
Working with chea seed is super easy. You spend about 20 minutes asking and answering questions just like you would with a human coach. The 20 minutes are on your own schedule, all at once or over the course of a day or after dinner or the gym, whatever works for you. That’s it–chea does the rest. During and sometimes after your coaching session (while you go off and do something else), chea seed combines its career smarts with Generative AI to give you a personalized action plan, self-assessment, or career plan that you easily can put into action in your daily work life.

Who is it designed for?

Ambitious professionals, tired of getting shortchanged on their performance reviews,  hungry for more advancement, pay, or opportunity.

Does the coaching require me to work with a human coach or AI chatbot?

No, absolutely not. In chea seed, humans are only in-the-loop for quality assurance. Similarly, Generative AI is working for you, but only in the background. We’ve done the hard work to harness Generative AI and career coaching smarts so you don’t have to write prompts or work with the AI directly at all.

How can I check chea seed out?

Download the app. Next onboard in just 1 minute! Finally, tap to pick your path.

- Choose the  Review Specialist Coach to optimize your next performance review or turn around a past one that didn’t go your way.

- Select the Self-Assessment Coach to craft a standout self-assessment for your performance review.

- Pick Level 1 to learn more about chea seed and kick off your gamified journey to gain your performance review and career edge. 

What do I get?
Each coach will offer different toolkits or action plans that save you time and boost your performance review and career results. Available now:

- Personalized Performance Review Self-Assessment Toolkit:  A critical tool for your upcoming performance reviews. This game-changer toolkit is ready to copy & paste and will help you see your work in the most positive light, proposing advancement ideas and doable next steps, and enabling you to deal with problems like slumps and even manager bias effectively.

- Customized Action Plan: Crafted exclusively for you to get the results you want for your performance review and career, your action plan is tailored in small steps with scripts enabling you to start right away. Our human-in-the-loop coaches ensure quality.

What is leveling up?

Spend 10 minutes weekly for 12 weeks to advance through the Level Up journey. Experience firsthand the power of small efforts on your career.

What other types of career help can I get?
More coaches will be rolling out on a regular basis. Download the app or follow us on social media for updates.

Why is chea seed different from just asking an Generative AI tool?
Unlike Generative AI tools that provide generic advice, chea seed is deeply personalized. As you maintain a continuously evolving record of your career journey, it ensures that the advice you receive today is built upon all your previous interactions. It's not just an AI-powered coach; it's your AI career ally who truly understands where you've been and where you want to go.

How do I get chea seed?
Available on iOS and Android, chea seed requires no subscription, credit card, immediate payment, or commitment. Just download and pick what you need, all at gamified, pay-as-you-go, ultra-affordable pricing.

What are seeds and experience points for?

To pay for chea seed, buy seeds as you go or redeem seeds for experience points, earning more by sharing, adding entries, and giving feedback.


Why did you name the app chea seed?

Our name is a play on the acronym for Career Helping Expert App (C.H.E.A.) and the tiny superfood chia seed. Just like the chia seed, chea seed is empowering and energizing in small doses. 

How do I get started?

To embark on your journey to a performance review and career edge, DOWNLOAD NOW!​

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