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Pay-As-You-Go Model: Flexible and Affordable Career Coaching for the Modern Professional

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

A piggy bank resting on a calculator captures the essence of affordable career coaching by chea seed, highlighting the smart financial approach to professional development.

Redefining Affordable Career Coaching with Fixed Price, Cheaper than Lunch, No Commitment Model

What's Wrong with Traditional Career Coaching Fees?

When we talk about career coaching, the traditional picture that often comes to mind involves hefty flat fees or steep hourly rates. And let's be honest – that model feels pretty ridiculous, especially if you're part of the vast majority earning under $100K a year. For those hustling day in and day out, managing to contribute to a 401K, and trying to save for a rainy day, exorbitant coaching fees just don’t cut it. That’s where chea seed steps in.

chea seed – Tailored for Your Hustle and Budget

At chea seed, we think differently. If you're working hard to advance in your career while staying financially savvy, we've designed our services with you in mind. We're all about removing barriers to professional growth, offering a Pay-As-You-Go model that’s as flexible and practical as your needs demand.

First Session Free – Because We Believe in Your Potential

We start by offering your first coaching session free of charge. Why? Because we’re confident in the value we provide and we want to make it a no-brainer for you to try us out. We understand that for someone smartly managing their earnings, every investment must be worthwhile.

Your Coaching with an Affordable Career Coaching Price Tag For Your Budget

After your trial, our sessions are priced at under $9 each. Compared to traditional coaching services that can run into hundreds of dollars per hour, chea seed is not just affordable career coaching, it's a breath of fresh air. We believe in providing top-notch career coaching that doesn’t break the bank.

Real Value for Real People

Think about the real return on investment with chea seed. If your time is worth $9 an hour, investing just 20 minutes with us can save you hours of navigating career challenges alone. That's not just saving money; that's investing in smarter, more effective career growth.

Beyond Saving – We’re About Advancing

Our Pay-As-You-Go model isn't just about saving money; it's about giving you the tools and strategies to advance confidently in your career. Every session is designed to propel you forward, helping you make the most of your resources – both time and money.

Choose chea seed: Where Every Professional Is Valued

In a world where many services are priced for the top earners, chea seed is for the go-getters, the savvy budgeters, and the ambitious professionals who know the worth of every dollar and every minute. Join us, and let’s make your career goals a reality, without the financial strain. Your first session is on us – let's get started on a journey that respects your hustle and your wallet.


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