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Navigating the Return of the Performance Review

Performance reviews are more important than ever. Let chea seed empower you to take charge of your performance reviews—and your career journey.

Performance reviews are back in the spotlight, taking center stage in the post-pandemic working landscape.

During the pandemic, many organizations allowed performance reviews to fall by the wayside due to the pressing demands of navigating the COVID-19 crisis. The stress of the pandemic made traditional reviews seem superfluous or even insensitive, leading some companies to opt for less formal check-ins or forgo them altogether.

However, as we continue to adapt to the changing workplace, companies are recognizing the importance of performance reviews in strategic decision-making. Whether to understand their employees' strengths and weaknesses, make informed staffing decisions, or determine potential layoffs, performance reviews have reemerged as a critical tool.

This means your next performance review could play a pivotal role in your career progression.

But it's essential to remember that performance reviews are not just about demonstrating your worth to your employer. They present a unique opportunity for you to steer your career trajectory and reach your professional goals.

How can a performance review help you? It's a chance to engage in a productive dialogue with your manager, not only to receive feedback but also to discuss your ambitions and the support you need to achieve them. Whether it's a promotion, professional development opportunities, or networking introductions, a performance review can be your stepping stone.

However, approaching these conversations can be challenging. It's normal to feel stress or uncertainty, especially if you're unsure about your career goals or find it difficult to talk to your boss. That's where chea seed comes in.

Why choose chea seed?

At chea seed, our mission is to empower professionals like you to navigate their careers confidently. Our Career Helping Expert App (C.H.E.A) is a comprehensive tool designed to track your career progression and support your preparation for performance evaluations.

By using chea seed, you gain access to tools and insights that help you:

  • Enhance Your Performance: Identify areas for improvement and receive guidance to boost your performance.

  • Create Impressive Self-Assessments: Highlight your achievements and strengths effectively and confidently.

  • Make Informed Decisions: Stay updated about your career progression and make decisions about your future with confidence.

Take control of your career journey today. Download chea seed and start mastering your performance reviews.

Our FREE Career Tracker allows you to earn experience points to unlock your performance review coach, equipping you with the tools you need to create compelling self-assessments and make informed decisions about your future.


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