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Rethinking Self-Assessments: Tell Your Story, Not Just Your Ratings

Your self-assessment is more than a self-rating—it's a chance to share your journey and highlight your achievements.

Unpacking Self-Assessments and Self-Ratings

Self-assessments are a familiar part of performance reviews for every working professional. We're often asked to rate our own performance and reflect on questions like "How would you rate your contribution over the past year?" or "How effectively have you utilized your skills?"

Staring at these questions, we might find ourselves wrestling with how to rate ourselves. But here's an insider tip: these self-ratings aren't as crucial as they seem. Managers often take these ratings with a grain of salt, understanding that we might not always rate ourselves accurately. It's a well-known fact—high achievers, including many women, often underrate themselves, while others might overrate their abilities.

The Real Focus of Self-Assessments

So, if self-ratings aren't the definitive part of self-assessments, where should we focus our energy? The answer is simple: tell your story. Detail your achievements, mention the recognition you've received, and outline your plan for improvement.

Your manager will be far more captivated by this narrative than any numerical rating you assign yourself. It demonstrates your self-awareness about your growth, your contributions to the organization, and your aspirations. This also helps your manager provide meaningful and actionable advice.

How chea seed Can Assist

This is where a career coaching and tracker app like chea seed steps in. chea seed offers an AI-supported personalized self-assessment toolkit that helps you craft a narrative that shines a light on your achievements and gets you ready for your review, and any discussions about your role or pay. By investing just 5 to 10 minutes a week, you'll receive ongoing support to level up between reviews, enhancing not just your review outcomes but your overall career journey.

chea seed is designed to be a career companion that's there when you need it. With our free career tracker, you can earn experience points (xp) to unlock more usage, or opt for a seed pack for a small fee. Our aim is to provide a smooth, hassle-free experience—no subscriptions, no coaching appointments, just simple, effective tools.

Maximizing chea seed’s Benefits

Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can make the most of your chea seed experience:

  1. Download chea seed and set it up in about 3 minutes.

  2. Receive guidance to write a compelling, impactful self-assessment.

  3. Get yourself ready for your review meeting and follow-up.

  4. Spend just 10 minutes a week to level up.

Don't let self-ratings in performance reviews constrain you. With chea seed, you can take control of your self-assessment process and turn it into a powerful narrative for career growth. Download chea seed today and start maximizing your self-assessments and performance reviews.


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