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Meet Your Talent Relations Assistant: Achieve 2x ROI

It's time to achieve your goals.

Reduce meeting times from 60-180 minutes to just 30 minutes, achieving a 2x ROI with every use.

Why Choose GoTalAI?

Our founder, with 17 years as General Counsel, aims to simplify talent management with a low-cost, high-ROI solution.

Talent Relations Accelerator

Provides initial advice and resolves employee issues within 20 minutes, significantly boosting retention rates by at least 10% and increasing the utilization of talent support by 50%.

Scalable and Inclusive Coaching

Ensures high-quality coaching is accessible to all employees, making exceptional talent management affordable and delivering an ROI of 2 to 5x.

Detailed Action Plans

Generates in-depth personalized reports after each session, which users can use solo and implement or share for support.

Increase retention and engagement

Beyond meeting time saved

How It Works

Quick & Easy Setup

No subscription, integration, or consultants required. Bespoke options available on request.

Group Manager Self-Service Setup

Set up like an event creation and invitation. Add email addresses for automated invitations and/or use a shareable link.

5 to 15 minutes

Member Invitation

Group members accept invitations or click on the link.


Member Digital Coaching Sessions

Group members work with the digital coach by tapping and typing increasingly personalized questions on mobile device or desktop, 24/7.

15 to 20 minutes each meeting

Member Personalized Reports

Group members receive in-depth career plans, advice, and self-assessments to implement solo or share for further support.


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